Traffic Violations In Orangeburg County


Most people realize that a traffic citation will follow with points on their driving record. Many people do not recognize the possible consequences such as driver’s license suspension and higher insurance prices, which usually passes the expense of retaining legal representation.


We will put our legal abilities to work to protect you in a variation of traffic matters:


-Reckless driving
-Vehicular assault
-Commercial drivers license (CDL) offenses
-Driving after suspension
-Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol


Traffic offenses are typically considered minor offenses. Simple traffic violations regularly lead to a traffic ticket and are deemed infractions. If the traffic offense is more severe, then the offense may lead to a misdemeanor or felony charges. These are recognized as criminal offenses and ordinarily, involve a trial and other extended legal consequences.


The Davis Law Firm will begin a thorough investigation into the conditions encompassing your traffic stop, attacking the prosecution’s evidence. I am committed to helping preserve your rights and your driver's license.

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