Slip and Fall Accidents


How Do Slip and Fall Accidents Happen?

When you are on someone’s property or out in a public place, specific factors raise your chances of slipping and falling. Common causes for slip and fall accidents include:

-Slippery or slick floors
-Ice & snow
-Uneven pavement
-Cracks in sidewalks
-Stairs that are too steep
- Foreign objects in walkways
-Changes in the height of the floor


Many slip and fall accidents can be limited with proper maintenance and by applying reasonable care in making a property safe for guests. If there are dangers that cannot be fixed or repaired, the property owner needs to warn visitors of the danger appropriately.


Taking Legal Action After a Slip and Fall

When you are harmed in a dangerous slip and fall accident, you may be able to make a personal injury claim toward the person who owned the property or who was renting the property and accountable for the maintenance on that property. To be able to file a slip and fall claim, you need to show that:

The owner or renter had a legal responsibility to you to make the property safe, and the owner fell short in meeting that responsibility. As a result, you suffered harm as a result of the owner’s actions.

Proving these factors can be difficult, especially since there are particular rules about how evidence is collected and presented in a courtroom.


Types of Slip and Fall Injuries

When you are hurt in a slip and fall, the amount of money you can recover from the property owner who was liable for the accident will vary depending upon how severely you were injured. Typical injuries that happen from slip and fall accidents include:



-Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

-Spinal cord injury

-Neck, shoulder, and back injuries

-Knee injuries


The law permits you to be “made whole” for these losses. You can seek compensation for all of the costs and consequences of fall accidents including :

-Payment of medical bills

-Lost income/wages

-Pain and suffering damages

-Emotional distress damages


If the fall leads to death, then surviving family members can also obtain compensation for loss of companionship and other death damages. Contact Davis Law Firm today to see if we can help.