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Wednesday, 02 January 2019 08:42

Need a belt? would be robber loses his pants


This story comes from: https://globalnews.ca

Police in Pueblo, Colo., announced Tuesday that they had arrested the man recorded on cellphone camera trying to rob a woman – until his falling pants get in the way.

According to police, 26-year-old Jeremy Aragon was behind the attempted robbery outside the Family Dollar Store on East 4th Street this past Sunday.


The video of the violent robbery attempt was captured by Macy Story, who noticed what appeared to be a violent altercation between a man and a female store employee.

“I would have jumped in if I thought he was going to hurt her,” Story told KOAA News. “I wanted to have my camera out there because police need evidence.”


Story’s video is a strange mixture of horror and slapstick: Aragon attempts to wrest a pair of speakers from the store employee’s hands, only to be foiled when his baggy jeans refuse to stay up.

Eventually, preservation of dignity outweighed the material gain of his criminal enterprise, and Aragon fled the scene – as best he could, what with his pants issues and all.

“He took her ring too,” Story said. “He had pulled it off her finger and her hands were all bloody.”

Pueblo Police announced Tuesday that they had arrested and charged Aragon after he was identified with help from the public, after video of the robbery went viral in the Pueblo community.

“Ironically, when he stood up in our interview room, his pants fell down [again],” Pueblo Police Capt. Eric Bravo told KOAA.

Original article and video can be found at: https://globalnews.ca




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