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Traffic tickets are given to a person that breaches a traffic law in Santee South Carolina. Drivers need to obey various kinds of traffic laws since receiving a ticket could result in a high fine and points lost on your driver's license. Apart from fines and tickets, some traffic violations can mean incarceration if the offense is great enough.

Examples of Traffic Violations
Traffic violations are usually classified into two categories: major and minor. Minor traffic violations involve parking violations and some types of driving offenses. These violations are not typically held against a permanent driver's record, even though a person can be detained for offenses that are not paid on time. Another type of traffic violations is seat belt violations. Severe violations are usually moving violations such as leaving the scene of an accident or reckless driving. Also, drunk driving is considered a major traffic violation and can result in jail time and having your license revoked.

Amongst these types of violations, the most common is speeding. In Santee, South Carolina state regulations set the speed limit of an area. Speed limit violations are classified in two ways: fixed maximum and prima facie. The fixed maximum limit means that it is unlawful to go over the speed limit at any time and anyplace. In contrast, the prima facie allows drivers the opportunity to justify the speed of their driving as safe and lawful.

Examples of minor traffic violations:

Driving over the speed limit
Not stopping at a red light or stop sign
Not using the proper signals when changing lanes or turning
Driving in the wrong lane
Driving in a median or a center divider
Illegally driving on the shoulder
Failure to wear a seat belt
Illegally passing a school bus


If you or a loved one have a traffic violation hiring a lawyer can help in reducing fines and points, and in some cases, your lawyer may be able to have them dropped completely. Here at The Davis Law Firm, we have years of experience in helping our clients get the very best outcome in these types of situations.

Recurring tickets can result in your insurance premiums going up substantially. Tickets commonly fall into two groups, non-moving violations, and moving violations. Even though this differs from state to state, non-moving violations like parking tickets or a broken headlight will usually not change your insurance premiums. Consulting your lawyer can help give you peace of mind since they can review your citation and advise you in what action you should take and whether or not these violations can go against your driver's record and if it will affect your insurance rates.

Moving Violations
Moving violations generally prompt your insurance rates to increase, and if you ignore them or if you or a loved one are a repeat offender it may lead to incarceration and also result in having your driver's license suspended. The severity of the traffic violation can also have an impact.

If you are a repeat offender, the state considers that you just aren't receiving the message. This differs by state, but in most cases, if a person has more than one traffic violation within a 12 or 18-month period, they will not be allowed to have those points revoked for the subsequent offenses.

Time and Points
The duration of time traffic violations remain on someone's record also differs by state. For a routine speeding ticket, not including an aggressive one, the average length is three years and typically counts as one point on a driving record. Again, this differs by state and speaking with your attorney can help make sure that you know the correct laws and procedures for Santee South Carolina.

Examples of aggressive driving usually involve:

Road rage
Driving over 30 mph above the speeding limit
Having multiple speeding tickets in a short time frame
Drag or street racing

One should always consult their attorney since an experienced lawyer knows how to best proceed with traffic tickets and violations and know the proper way to have tickets and violations reduced or even dropped.

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