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Traffic Lawyer in Branchville SC, Attorney Gerald Davis serves clients in Branchville SC and surrounding areas.


Receiving a traffic ticket in Branchville SC may not seem like a big problem until you realize that now you have a court date and the possibility of hefty fines, raised insurance premiums and even a traffic record.

Traffic offenses from state to state are very similar, but in some cases, there may be variations in the traffic laws, the court systems for traffic violations, and the possibilities that may be available to keep the ticket off your driving record.

Some examples of traffic tickets and violations in Branchville South Carolina's laws are similar to those of most other states. Some of the more typical traffic violations are:

Driving without vehicle insurance
Failure to stop at the required traffic devices (stop sign or red lights)
Driving without a seat-belt
Passing a stopped school bus
Not using the proper turn-signals
Driving without a valid license
(DUS) Driving under suspension
(DUI) Driving under the Influence

The list goes on and on, and like every state, South Carolina has a long code section devoted to traffic violations, some of which are solely traffic offenses and also others that are both traffic and criminal misdemeanors.

Many people do not know that once they are given a traffic violation or ticket in Branchville South Carolina, they may have more than just one option. Many people believe that your option is to pay the ticket or contest the ticket but in fact, there may be other choices depending on what you are accused of and in what jurisdiction the ticket was given in.

Some of your options are:


Pay the Ticket

The most apparent decision and usually the most common is to pay the fines, but if you choose to merely pay the ticket, you are acknowledging guilt and are foregoing any other choices that may have been possible to either take the conviction off your driving record or to reduce the damage.

For a majority of traffic offenses, a person will lose points on their driver’s license, have to pay a fine, and on top of all that your insurance premiums will become more expensive. In some offenses, your license may even be suspended, and in some cases, your license may be revoked.

Contest the Ticket

Contesting the ticket may mean that you have to take your case to trial, or it in some instances, preparing for trial but then negotiating a pretrial intervention plan or a decreased offense that will lower the points on your license or even not take points away from you at all.

The wisest thing to do is to find a South Carolina traffic attorney that services the Branchville area to examine the case for you. Here at The Davis Law Firm, we will work hard to resolve the situation and defend your driving record, and also do our best to keep points off your permanent driving record.

In certain cases, it may be required to petition for a jury trial. If this is required, we will be there for you every step of the way.

Depending on the accusations, potential penalties for Branchville SC traffic violations may involve:

Points on your driver's license
Court charges
Community service
Revoking your driver's license
Raised insurance rates
Suspension of your driver's license

Advantages of obtaining an attorney to manage your traffic ticket or violation are that the consequences for traffic-related misdemeanors may be severe and in some instances life-changing. If you decide to enlist the aid of a lawyer, you may improve the probability of a better result for yourself.

Having an attorney may be the difference between having to pay fines and lose points and having your charges reduced or dropped altogether,
Having a lawyer help you can lessen the amount of stress of appearing in court because your attorney can assist you in knowing what to do and say.

In many cases, you will have a better outcome than if you just tried to fight the ticket on your own because you will have someone who has expertise in dealing with these types of cases.

If you or a loved one have traffic violations or tickets in Branchville SC consult The Davis Law Firm today!

Mar 27, 2019


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